The Difference We Make

In the last year we have helped 235 asylum seekers and refugees in Leeds and Bradford, providing 2,591 individual and family therapy sessions. 38 people attended our stress management group over the past year. The group focuses on learning self-help techniques for reducing stress and anxiety, which most of our clients struggle to manage on a daily basis. 

As one client said:

"When I can't make it to the group, I know the time, so go through the exercises by myself for an hour, just as if I was there, and I feel calmer."

The Icarus Collective have helped us evaluate the impact of all our work on our clients in the last two years, which they described as helping people move "from a position of hopelessness and despair to one in which they feel more capable of managing and coping with their situation."

This includes people sleeping better, managing stress, feeling more positive, establishing new relationships and having a sense of a future. As well as reviewing all our client outcomes, Icarus looked in depth at our training services and our triage system. If you would like to read the full report please contact Kate

Watch a video at one of the techniques people learn in our stress management groups.