Mana's Story

Mana is a mother with a teenage son who came to the UK a number of years ago from Iran after a history of domestic violence. Mana was originally living in Bradford but they were forced to move because of racist violence and bullying of her son at school.

Mana and her son have a difficult relationship at times. Both suffer from physical pain. Mana suffers from migraines, shaking, vomiting, anxiety crying fits. Mana’s son has thyroid problems and difficulties breathing.

We have supported Mana and her son for a couple of years intermittingly. Mana comes back to Solace when she is in a bad emotional state which usually follows a setback of some sort – an appeal against a housing or benefits decision. Refusal letters of one description or another are a depressingly regular feature of her life (and others we help). All of these relatively small adversities can add up into something much bigger and affect mental and physical health.