By the Banks of River Asylum

As I sat pensive by the banks of river asylum,
Tears flowed and blocked my sight,
I wallowed in the thoughts of yesterday,
A fraction of yesterday that was happy,
Happy yesterday decorated by sunshine,
Laughter oozed out like water from a broken cistern,
I blossomed in that career like a flower in spring,
Endless voices of children a huge part of that yesterday.

As I tarried by the banks of river asylum,
The garment of beautiful yesterday fully changed into
A flowing gown of depression and psychosis,
In my mind’s eye is a distorted lens,
Life seemed worthless and meaningless,
END IT, the only song I hear,
Medication and therapies my daily bread,
In this limbo, a ray of light appears
… three years leave to remain,
With an irreparable mark for life.